I have my own system to look after my skis
If you booby-trap your skis or leave a ferocious guard dog tied to them, then you probably don't need a Ski Lock!

Unattended, outside a restaurant
We've experienced this.  Someone's helped themselves to our ski poles over lunch - thank you!

Left in a ski shop or hotel ski storage area
When retrieving our skis, no-one has ever challenged us and there can be lots of people going in and out with skis - surely not your skis?

A mix-up!
It happens! Especially, with rented skis. People make mistakes and pick-up a similar set that fit them. But their's don't fit you!

An unavoidable natural break!
Take that break with less stress about having to rush to make sure your skis are still waiting for you!

Safety! Safety! Safety!
Please remember that the lock is not a toy. The steel cable can cause accidents and serious injuries if not carried securely in a pocket