The lock quickly adjusts to fit around the waist of your skis, ensuring that it can't be removed easily.  Simply hook the lock over the skis and move towards the bindings until it is a snug fit

Ski type and size
Downhill skis that have a waist (the section above the bindings) that is smaller than the shovel (front part).  Waist sizes approximately 70mm to 96mm - depending on thickness of skis

Easy to lock
Engage the lock simply by pressing it.  A cover protects it from the elements and only needs to be removed when unlocking

Ski poles
Your ski poles can be put in a special part of the clamp, which is secured when the lock is engaged

Anchor to prevent movement
A plastic-coated, steel cable wraps around a stand or even the loop of another lock and is secured back to the clamp.  Do not insert the cable end too far into the lock as it may prevent the lock engaging correctly

Wrap the cable around the outside of the frame and secure it to the lock.  The clamp is pocket-sized - for easy carrying

Lightweight materials
Weight is minimised by the use of an aluminium bar and cold is resisted with high impact plastic. The locking mechanism is made of stainless steel